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Instron® Products: By Capacity, Load: Up to 50 kN

Find the right solution to your testing needs by selecting your Load Capacity and browsing our materials testing equipment below.

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Load: Up to 50 kN

Most Popular Systems by Load Capacity: Load: Up to 50 kN

Load capacities:
  • 5 kN
  • 10 kN
  • 30 kN
  • 50 kN
Dual column tabletop electromechanical testing systems are suited for tension, compression, peel, flex, and other applications with load requirements ranging from 5 - 50 kN. They are versatile instruments commonly used for plastics, metals, and rubber materials, as well as automotive components.
  • Load capacity is up to 100 kN (22500 lbf)
  • Tabletop and floor models
  • Axial-torsion tabletop model
These servohydraulic fatigue testing machines are ideal for performing a variety of fatigue and dynamic tests, as well as static tests. All of these fatigue testing systems are equipped with the advanced features of the 8800 digital controller, Console Software and the unique, fatigue-rated Instron Dynacell load cells. WaveMatrix Dynamic Testing Software provides the backbone for running many fatigue tests.

Additional Systems by Load Capacity: Load: Up to 50 kN